Message Notes

Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Message Title: Joy

Speaker: Pastor Scott

Date: 6/12/22

Main Message Text: Galatians 5


You can fake joy on your face, but you can't fake joy in your heart.

Happiness is usually circumstantial and temporary; joy can be transcendent and perpetual.

How can I focus on feeding joy in my life?

-Romans 12:12

-Romans 15:13

All the Fruit of the Spirit becomes the natural byproduct of a life close to Jesus and in step with the Spirit.

Here's what joy can be like:

  • Joy is internal

  • Joy is a natural byproduct of God's presence

  • Joy can sometimes be hindered by circumstances (but doesn't have to be)

  • Joy is designed by God to be transcendent

  • Joy will someday be eternal