Foundations for Teaching and Preaching

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM, starting Sep. 14

Basic study of the principles of biblical preaching and teaching. This class is designed to help students enhance their teaching skills and apply techniques learned to: teach in Life Groups, Coaching, Preaching and Teaching on Mission Fields, teaching in Youth or Children’s Ministries; or preaching from the pulpit. Learn about biblical explanations, as well as practical matters of preparing sermons or lesson plans. Class will also focus on understanding different source of materials.


$600 per class, textbooks are included.

There are 2 ways to take a class in the GT School of Ministry: for Credential or Audit. If you are sensing a call of God upon your life to pursue ministry credentials, you would take School of Ministry classes as a Credentialing student. The 8 classes we offer fulfill PennDel Ministry Network requirements for you to become a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God. The cost to enroll as a credentialing student is $600 per class, which includes the cost of your textbooks. Taking classes in this manner would be similar to that of a bible college. After completing all 8 classes, you then have the opportunity to apply with the district for credentials.


COST | $49 per class, plus books.

If you simply want to deepen your faith and broaden your understanding of God’s Word, but do not wish to pursue ministry credentials, then you would take classes as an Auditing student. Taking tests and quizzes, completing writing assignments, and submitting projects, are all optional! Enrolling as an Auditing student simply affords you the outstanding opportunity to learn in the classroom setting alongside other GT students, at a level much deeper than what a Life Group typically provides. The cost to audit is only $49 per class. This cost does not include any textbooks, but they are also optional.

Use the discount code "Audit" at checkout.


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