GT Kids At Home

Welcome to GT Kids At Home! Here you will find weekly Bible stories, playlists for worship songs, and downloadable activities you can do at home.

You will also find parenting resources to support conversations with your children. We are praying for you and your family and hope that this opportunity to learn together is a blessing to you.

Select your child's age group to get started!


Preschool is a time of wonder, exploration, and creativity! As you experience GT Kids at home with your preschooler, our goal is to help you connect them with their faith through hands-on activities and opportunities to learn through movement.


Elementary school is when kids connect with their faith through discovery and key relationships - and their most important relationship is with YOU! As you experience GT Kids at home with your child, we want to partner with you to help them make abstract concepts feel a little more concrete.


The preteen years are when students begin to engage with their faith and develop their passions. As your child is becoming more independent, our goal is to help you encourage them to love God and love others through meaningful activities and interactions.


Start Here

A Conversation Guide designed to help parents and their children begin a life-long conversation about faith.

GT Kids Parent Email

A weekly email resource to help you know more about your child’s world so you can have conversations about things that matter.

GT Kids Facebook Group

Stay up-to-date on all that's going on in GT Kids, get resources to use with your kids at home, and connect with other parents!

The Parent Cue App

An app designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future.

Studio 252

A website filled with resources to help families grow in faith and character and reinforce key biblical concepts through music, videos and activities.

Axis Parent Guides

Great resources for parents of preteens and teens. If you see any resource you would like to have, email the GT Kids Staff to get it free of charge.

YouVersion Family Bible Plans

Learn together as a family by following Bible reading plans from YouVersion.

GT Kids YouTube Playlist

Check out our GT Kids YouTube playlist for entertaining and relevant content that will help your child think more about how they can live their life for Christ.

Hope for Kids and Teens

Resources for parents to help kids facing anxiety and despair