ALERT for August 12, 2020: Out of a posture of care and concern and in an effort to do what we can to steward public health, our building and offices are closed until further notice. Please join us in prayer for our communities and the world during this time and join us on our social media pages to stay connected.

Rooted Sermon Series

In order for a tree to grow tall and stand firm, it needs to have a strong root system. In the same way, in order to grow and stand firm in our faith, we need to be strongly rooted in Christ. But what does that really mean? Whether you feel closer to God than you ever have or you feel like you’ve drifted away, or even if you’ve never followed Jesus, join us for this sermon series, as we share practical and biblical ways you can draw closer to the things of God and establish deeper roots in your faith.

Sundays @ 9 & 11 AM on  GT Live and Facebook.

July 5 - Pastor Dan Sarna
July 12 - Pastor Greg Hubbard
July 19 - Pastor Bryan Koch
July 26 - Pastor Scott Kramer - During this Sunday's service we will be sharing a time of communion. You can click here for direction on how to participate at home.
August 2  - Pastor Eric Goldsborough
August 9 - Pastor Bryan Koch